What if the GOP ‘rigged’ the election?

Byron’s letter to the editor of the Washington Post, August 7, 2016

Regarding the Aug. 4 editorial “His most noxious conspiracy theory yet”:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s fears that the election may be “rigged” against him may be real. But I think any rigging was done by the Republican-controlled state legislatures that have passed laws that limit the days and times polls are open and that reduce the number of polling places. These laws may have been intended to inhibit voter turnout among low-income people and minorities, who are believed to vote mostly Democratic.

But they also inhibit turnout of white working-class voters. Often, white working-class voters don’t have flexible work hours or predictable schedules. And they may not be able to wait in line for hours to vote. (On Election Day 2012, some voters had to wait for up to four hours.) Here is all the proof Mr. Trump needs that the dastardly Republican establishment is out to destroy him: It has figured out a way to keep Mr. Trump’s base from voting.

Byron Kennard, Washington

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