Trump Refuses to Release his Psychiatric Records

“I am not a kook!” he tweets. “Im as sane as the Rock of Gibraltar.”

Moments after Hillary Clinton released her psychiatric records to the press yesterday, the Republican Presidential nominee went on a tweeting spree “Unlike Crazy Hillary, I am not a kook,” Trump tweeted. “I’m as sane as the Rock of Gibraltar.”

Clinton acted in response to a challenge publicly issued to both Presidential nominees by Dr. Alonzo Kaplan, a prominent psychotherapist who is President of the National Association of Mental Health Professionals. Writing in the current edition of Personality Disorders Today, Dr. Kaplan demanded that Clinton and Trump release their psychiatric records “in order to prove to the public that they are psychologically fit to hold office.”

The psychiatric records released by Clinton reveal that she has, from time to time, consulted psychotherapists for “mild depression,” which is not considered a personality disorder. For his part, Trump claims he’s never once consulted a mental health counselor. “I’m a winner, big time,” he tweeted, “and people who need mental health counseling are losers. PATHETIC.”

Dr. Kaplan, who is the author of Personality Disorders in Political Leaders: From Nero to Nixon, a landmark study in the field, was interviewed on CNN last evening. He said that, after looking over Clinton’s records he considers her in remarkably good mental health, considering “all the poor woman has been through.” Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 7.50.00 PM.pngBut as for Trump, Kaplan said, “Speaking for the profession of psychiatry, I’m confident in stating that Donald Trump scares the holy shit out of each and every one of us.”

Trump struck back while the CNN interview was still on the air. “These psychiatrists have rigged the system to make me look bad,” he tweeted. “They’re dishonest. They’re frauds. I’ve got a mind like a steel trap and they know it.”

Then last night just before midnight Trump signed off by slamming psychoanalysis itself. “Nobody gets psychoanalyzed any more,” Trump tweeted. “It’s a bogus profession. All my wives tried it and it didn’t do any one of them a single bit of good.”

As published today in the US edition of the Huffington Post

I couldn’t be more serious about this funny stuff!

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