Don’t forget what happened to President Ford after he pardoned Nixon

I’m operating on the assumption that Trump will be impeached sooner rather than later.  He’s bound to do something so blatantly illegal or unconstitutional that Congressional Republicans will have no choice but to take him down.

Many establishment Republicans, however, will relish impeachment because they privately despise Trump; and if they dump him, they’ll get Pence who —unlike Trump — is one of them. But Republican troubles don’t end there. 

President Pence will face the same awful dilemma that President Gerald Ford faced when he succeeded the disgraced Richard Nixon: whether or not to pardon his predecessor for crimes committed while in office.  Pence, like Ford, will be damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t.  And because of this, Pence, like Ford, will be defeated if and when he runs for President in 2020. 


This is the light I see at the end of the tunnel. 


Byron Kennard 

The Confounded Environmentalist 


This was also published in today’s Huffington Post

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