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Stealth: the Great Green Hope

The best leader is he who, when his work is done, the people look about and say, ‘Look what happened naturally.’”        — Chinese proverb


Here’s the awful dilemma we face. The political and economic system we live and operate under is — in many ways — rotten to the core. It’s destructive of the environment; it harms the lives of ordinary citizens. But we can’t live without the damned thing. Nearly all of us are dependent on the system for our daily bread.

Yes, the system must be fundamentally changed and improved, but we have to go about doing this carefully — very carefully. If efforts to change the system cause it to blow up or collapse, the dying system will take all of us down with it.

What is to be done? To find a way out of this mess, we must proceed with stealth.

Stealth relies on:






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