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Editor’s Pick: Byron Kennard’s New Book

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JUST IN:  (Sept. 2020)   Francesca Lyman of Solaripedia reviews Byron Kennard’s new memoir on his active environmentalist history.  Click here.  

Environmental leaders respond to the publication of: 


“In the present dire circumstances, there’s a uniquely satisfying way for individuals to commemorate Earth Day’s 50th anniversary. That is to read Byron Kennard’s new book, You Cant Fool Mother Nature, a riveting, rollicking history of the environmental revolution, filled with insights that are rare, fascinating, and amusing.”

Geoff Webb, Former Political Director, Friends of the Earth


I’ve received a lot of favorable comments from environmental leaders who have read my new book, You Can’t Fool Mother Nature: The Once and Future Triumph of Environmentalism. I’ve selected a few of these comments because they reflect and reinforce the book’s themes, which pleases me greatly.

Here is a list of the book’s major components with relevant commentary from readers


“This book documents how Earth Day actually emerged and honors all those involved over the years, a tale well told by Byron Kennard, the mastermind and master networker who pulled us all together and was a force of nature in steering the environmental movement!”

Hazel Henderson, Founder, Ethical Markets Media, LLC (Cofounder in 1964 of Citizens for Clean Air in New York City)

“This book is a joyous celebration of Earth Day and the many grand accomplishments that flowed from it over the past 50 years.

On the intellectual front, Earth Day gave birth to environmental economics, environmental education, environmental science and engineering, environmental health and medicine, environmental architecture and planning.

On the industrial front, Earth Day led to huge advances not only in pollution control, but in organic agriculture, renewable energy, energy efficiency, green construction and building,  alternative transportation, and ecotourism.

The arts and and humanities were “greened” and so were pop culture, music, the movies, television, and social media.

All in all, Kennard shows how the environmental revolution touched and transformed almost everything under the sun.

George Alderson, former Washington representative of Friends of the Earth and The Wilderness Society

“Back in the 1960s, I was one of the grassroots organizers working alongside Byron Kennard and other green pioneers to create a new consciousness about the urgent need to protect the environment. We succeeded, and in spades too! Ultimately, the seeds we planted grew into one of the great social and political movements in history, winning the adherence of millions of people the world over.”

Brock Evans, President, The Endangered Species Coalition

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“It was really, really fun reading about all those wonderful, creative people I knew in the 1970s —all Green Pioneers! It’s inspiring how much we were able to accomplish then and how we laid a basis for a new generation to accomplish much more now.”

Marion Edey, Founder, League of Conservation Voters

“The hero of Byron Kennard’s book is small business. He claims that small business is perhaps the single best toolwe possess for protecting and restoring the environment. That’s because small business is perhaps the single best toolwe possess for the exercise and application of human ingenuity. To make his point, Byron cites the work of the countless tinkerers and entrepreneurs around the world who are now devising a multitude of innovative solutions to environmental problems.”

Marilyn D. Landis, President & CEO, Basic Business Concepts, Inc.; former Chair, National Small Business Association

“Bold, upbeat, and witty — but behind the drollery, Kennard is shrewdly advocating the pursuit of radical ecological goals through conservative methods, signifying a sea change in thinking about the politics of the environment.”

Peter H. Schuck, Professor Emeritus, Yale Law School

Byron Kennard claims that the single most consequential result of Earth Day — one that no one in 1970 could possibly have foreseen — was its influence on the fundamental values of generations yet unborn. Since Earth Day, he argues, each succeeding generation has been greenerthan the one preceding it. Today, the youngest generation, Generation Z — 70 million people born between 1995 and 2012 — is wholly committed to environmental protection and to combating climate change.  These kids, Byron predicts, are going to save the world.”

Joe Handy, Press Officer, US Environmental Protection Agency  (1970-1982)

“This is an elegant and funny book that only a devoted history buff like you could have written. No one but you could link Earth Day so perceptively to the Renaissance, the Reformation, and French Revolution, and to great leaders like Edmund Burke and Winston Churchill. In doing so, you offer up a long view, which we Americans don’t have as a rule, and a way to put the daunting challenges of the present into a useful historical perspective.”

Cathy Lerza, former editor Environmental Action magazine

“It’s a lovely book and will help a new generation or two (or three?) rediscover what the pioneers like you did and why you know so much! With grateful congratulations!”

Amory Lovins, Co-founder and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute

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Available NOW from Amazon

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“Kennard’s writings should inspire and enable the coming generation to do what is necessary to preserve civilization, indeed life on earth as we know it.

Gordon Binder, Chief of Staff, US Environmental Protection Agency (1989-93)

“I hope this book was fun to write because it sure is fun to read!”

June Taylor, Network Management, Environmental Protection Network

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“Byron writes in a style that leaps off the page with wit and humor.”

Francesca Lyman, investigative journalist, author, The Greenhouse Trap

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“Earlier today I picked up You Cant Fool Mother Nature. There went the schedule! I simply couldn’t put it down!”

Bill Drayton, founder and chair of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public; Assistant Administrator of EPA in the Carter Administration

Earth Day 2020 interviews with Byron Kennard:

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“Environmental Activist Byron Kennard Reminisces about the First Earth Day” by Amber Todoroff of the Environmental and Energy Study Institute 

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You want to make Mama happy, don’t you?

    “This book documents how Earth Day actually emerged and honors all those involved over the years, by the mastermind and master networker who pulled us all together and was a force of nature in steering the environmental movement!  And Byron Kennard is not done yet! Read this book and be re-energized and re-inspired!” Hazel Henderson, Founder, Ethical Markets Media, LLC
(I met Hazel in the 1960s when she was running Citizens for Clean Air in New York City, which she had founded. It was one of the earliest and most powerful anti-pollution groups in the country. The organization then had 40,000 members.)

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Available NOW from Amazon

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5.0 out of 5 stars
Save the Planet
“Byron Kennard’s manifesto for saving the planet is rooted in a deep understanding of history, including the modern environmental movement that he helped create before, during, and after Earth Day, which celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year. Kudo’s to this fearless and funny octogenarian who wants to change every heart and every mind in the universe.”
Nick DeMartino