Kennard is a witty and highly passionate writer, and that passion shines through in every passage of this book.

“… behind that easy-going façade of “I’m gonna tell you a story”, the author tells history. Queer history. Told the way history is best told because that way it becomes relatable: in short bits, with anecdotes and side-remarks that make links easier to be detected and understood. This is therefore not an exhaustive and detailed compendium of all the queer characters of human history but a handy vade-mecum of some of the most notable ones (and in some cases also some of the most disputed ones).

“You may have guessed it — a book that both entertains and enlightens me can only please me. Highly recommended read!”

— ParisDude, Rainbow Book Reviews

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QUEERS & CIVILIZATION: How Sexual Diversity Enlivens, Enriches, and Elevates Society by Byron Kennard is an eye-opening, thoughtful, and engaging book that will, undoubtedly, change the way most people look at queers — gay men, lesbians, omnisexuals, transgender people, and others.”

“This book is a work of genius, and it articulates not only a bold idea but a timeless truth; extensively researched and delivered in gorgeous prose and a voice that is as authoritative as it is compassionate.”

QUEERS & CIVILIZATION “re-affirms a reality that is written into the very heart of nature — we only grow as much as we accept and live with diversity.” 

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

— Daniel Rhodes, The Book Commentary

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“It’s marvelous!!  A great, tantalizing compendium of queer history!” — Jeff Church, Producing Artistic Director, Kansas City MO

“Nothing short of stunning!”  — Carl Sferrazza Anthony, Author, Historian

   “What a triumph!” — Peter Schuck, Professor Emeritus of Law, Yale University

“Fabulous!! Gorgeous, fun, insightful, and profound all at the same time!” —Catherine Lerza, Actress and Film Producer

“Byron Kennard gives a voice to gays and lesbians throughout history.” — Rich Tafel, Pastor, Church of the Holy City, Washington DC

“Let’s cut to the chase. Byron Kennard is the best. He is a community organizer, a writer, an environmentalist, a contrarian historian, a clean-trickster, and now an outspoken advocate for the role of LGBTs in the march of history. Although much of this is Greek to me (I’m an eco-bicyclist who tries to ride straight, and who still feels queasy when hearing the word “queer”), if Rachel Carson and Alexander Von Humboldt were homosexual—who knew?—then I’m a full-fledged supporter. I’ve been learning from Byron all my life, and, with this book, am still doing so. Really, there is only one question left for him to answer: How did he become such a great man?” — Peter Harnik, co-founder, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy