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You’ve Got a Voicemail from Mother Nature / You want to make Mama happy, don’t you?

Trump’s Favorite Things

A parody of the song from The Sound of Music (1:44)

Satirist Byron Kennard gives a favorite song from our childhood new words to fit the times.

Have fun singing along, if you’d like:

Rue’s Climate Corner (Episodes 1 – 7)

Episode 1
Episode 2 – Rue’s Coping Tips
Episode 3 – Don’t Touch My Junk!
Episode 4 – Cleaning Mother Nature’s Closets
Episode 5 – The Case for Euthanizing Polar Bears
Episode 6 – Don’t Worry! Be Happy!
Episode 7 – Animal Welfare Cheats

Talk to the Animals! Episode 1

Interview with Dino T. Rex

Talk to the Animals! Episode 2

Interview of Rosa Luxembird, America’s “angriest bird”

Lula’s Back

World’s most famous snake stages a comeback to protest habitat destruction

Glenn and Byron Wedding

September 13, 2014
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